We DesignCreate

software live from

palm to desktop

for Web and Mobile applications, starting with rendering visualization to creating brand impacts.

Who we are?

We are a bunch of young & energetic Engineers, Designers & Business personals - from varied domain experience - thinks that a “Good” + “Simple” designs can solve acute problems our humanity is facing.

Our belief

We believe in the saying “Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere”

Let’s ride through your imagination to reach the cloud 9 by delivering real-world working products, which people will LOVE.

we Execute - Learn - Implement - Repeat!


We believe every human being is creative, we sit down with them to unlock that by deploying scientific methods and tools to get the experience for the product right. We have defined a set of a process flow for mapping the usage of the product with its outcome & test it in real-time. Process...


In today's world, graphical user interface has become the primary source of information flow leading to experiences that define the very understanding of a product, its usage & brand value. Keeping this context on high value we help our clients develop elegant UI which deliver the message that they mean. Process...


We believe, Brand development is a simple insight of data analytics based informed choices that our current consumer selects. The way it goes - you first launch a product, give greater service, people refer (love & loyalty): Brand created & then maintained. We help in every stage of it from naive products to world-class brands by developing Prints, Branding materials, Marketing collateral, Digital illustration, Content write-up, Social media contents….


Coding is in our DNA and we take pride in developing complex project including buzz word of today’s world “AI” “ML” “BigData”...that conjures with team interaction with different kinds of developer scaling to any kind of technological platform, cause we believe in LOGIC (that must be right), not on coding languages. HTML, CSS, ReactJS, AngularJS...

Design Process

We have defined scientific methods & processes to guide the customer on delivering high quality works in timely manner.



Complete research on the requirement and come up with a base idea for sketching wireframes.

# Problem statement
# Inspiration

Users Persona

Persona is a representation of your ideal customer needs, goals and observed behavior patterns.

# Problem statement
# Inspiration

Site Architecture

The end goal is to come up with structure navigation design, input that balance user desire and their business needs.

# Client Prespective
# End-user Prespective

Sketching & Wireframes

With the site architecture, we sketch prototypes that solve the UX issues and helps in creating high-end mockups.

UX Testing

UX testing is done to make sure about great user traction and user experience.

# Internal design testing
# External design testing


Mood Board

We value our client's input. Hence we showcase our mood board which has the complete refinement cycle and funny stories behind the branding.

Branding Color

Colors have a great impact on our mood and behavior.

# Color Theory
# Style Guide


Illustration defines the brand stories of the products. This is where the success of the product depends upon.

Visual Design

In this stage where we want to provide our clients with high fidelity colored mockups which have proper branding, look & feel.

# Master pages
# Required pages

Usability Testing

The product will be tested with real users. It has been observed and sees where they encounter problems

# Seconds test (Quick glance)
# External sample testing

Development - Quality check

Comprehensive analysis and reporting on the development outcome of project. We are in real-time interaction with developers in guided sequence to make sure the quality of the design in detailed level is maintained, so as to get efficient output in defined time.

# Real time checks during development
# Real time do changes to the design on priority basis

Bizee Design studio

BizEE Design Studio has an edge for the customer to have end-to-end software services starting with Concept Development & Design to Back-hand development with Deployment, Testing & Maintenance till eternity!

-  Entire solution - No headache in interacting and maintaining multiple vendors

-  No Broken-process Flow of designing & engineering

-  Leading to faster development of the Concept to Reality - MVPs

-  On-the-go interaction of Designer with Sales & Engineering expert to provide real-time feedback on UX development

-  Leading to the deployment of Agile Design process & Lean UX development

-  Defined Process & Design Systems developed from real-time work.

Tool Kit

Man is a tool-using animal. Without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all.

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